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Sunday, September 16, 2012
Toshiba Camileo Clip Camcorder - Red (5MP, 5x Digital Zoom) 1.5 inch LCD

As far as videocameras go, this is a model that produces affordable, good quality results. But it suffers as a result, what it lacks on price, it also lacks on style : it is a tiny device, the menus and operation functions are very far from intuiative, you cannot switch options during operation, and the inbuilt storage is pathetically small at 1 minute 16 seconds. Also, this is not necessarily the best choice, unless you like having a Batman Utility Belt of lots of bits of tech - after all, what does this do you don't already get with a smart phone? On the other hand, it is in a hardened case with clip so might work well, and as a discrete, individual, film camera, it is probably ideal for a casual, low budget, entry level use, but there is nothing this can do which you won't get in your smartphone, or digicamera.

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