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Tuesday, October 23, 2012
Follow the Money: A Month in the Life of a Ten-Dollar Bill

The thought has probably occured to you : where has my $10 note come from? Where is it going? On the other hand, you may also never have this thought at all. Well, you can think what you like - I do. This is a fascinating cross section of humanity, one that follows a simple ten dollar bill across America, and shows how our lives are all interconnected through something perhaps as simple and tangible as a bank note, and something as essential to our modern day life : Cash. Money talks. This tale walks, and travels all over America including kidnapping, bad rock bands, and a quarterback. The narrative is easy, albeit somewhat directionless, but that is to be expected when following a tale like this, ending where all ten dollar notes started, staring at the image that became the man on the bill. A fascinating, curious, easily readable tale.

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