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Monday, November 26, 2012

The celebrity memoir is a bizarre pheonomenon. Does anyone actually buy these, apart from at Christmas? Who will remember a comedian memoir in the future? Will we look at the faded celebrities we once liked enough to buy the book of and ask ourselves, "What were we thinking?" In this, Mitchell takes the usual approach of "My awful life thus far that turned out good and was never actually that bad", and avoids it, by framing his life story within the context of a walk between two places in London and the events that historically happened in his life, or the ideas they inspire in his mind on the way. It's a mid-sized, easily read, accessable book, one of no great import or message, more a relaxing, even comforting ramble through his mind with biography and pondering on the way. Mitchell is a better writer than most, and this has a voice, which does not necessarily seem like a ghost writer, I can easily imagine him actually writing this : streets ahead (ba-dum!) of most celebrity memoirs, it isn't just a linear recreation of a life or a vague and unfocused ramble, but an interesting insight into a life.

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