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Monday, November 26, 2012
Remington PG180 Pilot Grooming Kit

The first thing that strikes you when you open this is.. WRAP RAGE. It's more tightly packed and securely wrapped than a bank vault. You couldn't open this without a very sharp object and not inconsiderable muscle. Once inside (and nearly tearing your arm whilst at it), you are struck by how small this is. It is, above all, a portabl;e / travelling shaving kit that operates off batteries, designed for frequent travellers or extended stays away. The shaving area is barely a centimetre wide with a single head, about a a third of most shavers, and thus, it's going to take you ages to shave. Also, for anything more than a few days, you're definitely either going to need something else, or book out some hours. It is slow, the shaving area is not big, the shave itself is average not amazing, and the cleaning is not obvious (I found out by trying to take the top off and getting it wrong). It's not exactly sturdy, but does the job competently and unexceptionally for someone on a budget.

What a strong recommendation! *G*
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