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Saturday, December 15, 2012
METALLICA Quebec Magnetic (Live)

Over three years after the event, Metallica release yet another live DVD : milking their career endlessly over the past decade with just one studio album since June 11th 2003, they've released a documentary film, the "Some Kind Of Monster" live EP, a "Videos" DVD, a new studio record, the "Live At Grimeys" album, "Live In Nimes", "Live In Mexico", "The Big Four : Live In Sofia", "Live In Copenhagen" (to the fanclub), a whole live show in New York for the Rock'N'Roll Hall Of Fame DVD, "Six Feet Down Under Part I" and "Six Feet Down Under Part II", the Lou Reed album "Lulu", an EP of outtakes "Beyond Magnetic", the "XXX" 30th anniversary magazine / live single, and now "Quebec Magnetic" which comes out less than two weeks after the end of their record deal.

Oh, its slick. In many ways it reminds me both exactly of being there - even though I have never been to Canada in my life (and probably never will) - and of those slick, 1980's arena rock videos by Wayne Isham. Oh hey! It is directed by Wayne Isham!

The constant audience cutaway, the sight of women on someone's shoulders, the buff sleeveless shirts, the frantic moshpits in the audience, the lasers, lighters in the air, everything. At a relatively friendly price for a double DVD, it features as the main event the first night setlist recreated with footage from two shows, and the other songs from the second night as extra / bonus songs : in total three hours of Metallica. The package is rounded out by some behind the scenes footage (but not much). It's also predictable, with a setlist broadly similar to the other DVD's which were all recorded within 2 months of each other. Not that you would expect much to change in a long tour, but the repetition must be boring for the band if not the fans who catch dozens of shows on a tour - or buy every live DVD (like me). This was probably never intended for release at the time.

But its just another night for the slick Metallica machine : there were 182 shows on the tour, and it feels also just like watching the 2010 Copenhagen Fanclub DVD. Surely this, the sixth full show of the tour released onto DVD, is enough? Most bands barely do one tour DVD, and some not at all. But six? Yes, I'm being milked. But this is considerably cheaper than paying £100 to see them play the same songs in a field with 100,000 other people. But to be honest, I'm bored of being exploited with the same, barely distinguishable identikit live releases, and wondering how many more times they can sweat this asset because they are scared of writing new songs. This is just another piece of merchandising to keep the Metallica brand in the public eye - the next inevitable moment will be the luxurious 4-disc-remastered-with-b-sides-demos-remixes-and-more-live-stuff-and-a-DVD-with-reproduction-flyers-and-tour-pass-box-set for each album, and the singles box set, before we go to retrospective Greatest Hits and documentary,

On the other hand, you could simply run around the house playing air guitar and annoying the cat at a very affordable 2DVD set of pure metal heaven.

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