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Tuesday, January 01, 2013
Brave New World

Whats happening to the world?

In Britain, the sixth most prosperous economy in the world, families with two working children are sending their children to school in subzero temperatures (Click Here) without even a coat. Families are having to choose between food and clothing.

This is the Britain, where the leaders say “Work should always pay.”

This is the Britain, where the leaders blame the scourge of endless families where three generations have been without work : yet the facts prove otherwise.

This is the Britain where they cut the NHS and raise the deficit.

This is the Britain where we have borrowed an extra £100 billion to fund cutting public services.

This is the Britain, where the prices stay the same yet the wages shrink, the rents go up and the benefits are cut, and where we are taught it is our fault for not being millionaires ; we obviously just don't want it enough.

Work doesn't pay. If it did the vast majority of people on housing benefit (80%) who work would not need it. Benefits subsidise employers paying low wages and landlords hiking up rents. Not the alleged feckless poor.

The Government talk about the strivers. The strivers are those who have two jobs, who work minimum wage and barely make enough to feed their children, those who have to use grandparents as free childcare, because work doesn't pay. Those are the strivers.

Not the so-called “wealth creators” who simply sit around thinking up even more ruthless ways to rip off the poor and steal the little millions of us just about have.

Why should anyone expect the kids to show them any respect any more? The young are demonised as useless, feckless, worthless. We send them out into the world, saddled with immense debt and anger, and expect them to be grateful when we tell them to show us deference. The adults of this world have not earnt the respect of the young : 1,100,000 children were lifted out of poverty between 1998 and 2012. With the current plan, 4,200,000 children will be in poverty in 2016. That's 4,200,000 too many.

Where's the thousands of billions this country gave the banks? Where are the billions in avoided tax? Where are the billions from Vodafone, Amazon, Starbucks? Whats the plan? Make businesses pay a living wage to the millions of genuine strivers and wealth-generators? Of course not. They're going to lower the benefits so people are so financially destitute they finally start looking for work. The work that isn't available, and that they were looking for anyway.

Housing benefits do not go to the unemployed. They go to exploitative landlords. And the exploitative landlords can charge anything they like now there aren't rent councils to control them.

There is a war between the rich, who think of money as endless water and who endlessly abuse their financial powers to fatten their already bloated bank accounts, and the rest of the world, who are thirsty in times of financial drought, and starve whilst told that it is because they simply do not want to be prosperous enough when they are the ones getting up at 6am and working two jobs and never putting their kids to bed. How many houses do you need to own? How many cars? However many, you, who do not have enough, must have less, and those who have more, must have even more.

And that is the joy of free market economics.

The Government demonise the unemployed, who apparently find life so luxurious on unemployment benefit that they do not even want to work. If you can make that little stretch that far, you should be running the economy. And they do want to work. Hire The Unemployed, and Sack George Osborne.

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