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Friday, April 12, 2013

Why Why Why? Now available in a new sleeve, and with extra songs recorded long after the album release, this - and Morrissey's approach in general - baffles me. Morrissey has long regretted the original sleeve art, and even stated clearly in the book "Peepholism" the alternate design he would use, but once again, scrapped that in favour of this bizarre sleeve art. Outside of that, he has changed the tracklist and added two extra songs - a radio session of "There Is A Place", "Pashernate Love" (recorded a year after the "Kill Uncle" LP came out) and a cover of "East/West" recorded 18 months before the album in. This defies logic and sense. At the same time, some of the best non-album tracks "Pregnant For The Last Time", "My Love Life", "The Loop", "I've Changed My Plea" all recorded at the same time, are absent. Once again, Morrissey despoils his catalogue with pointless revisionism and general mucking about. Just reissue the albums as they are, put on extra songs after, don't mix up the various lineups or songs recorded years before or after, and don't delete songs as if they never existed.

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