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Friday, August 30, 2013
Creative D5xm Premium Smart Modular Speaker System with Bluetooth for Apple iOS and Android Devices

Available here

There's little to say about this that hasn't been said. In short, it's a great obit of kit. Expensive certainly – but the reproduction of sound ; voice, digital, live or electronic, - is faithful, warm, and accurate. Connecting via Bluetooth is shockingly easy. The Bluetooth response is instant, so there is no lag between visuals on TV / PC / Tablet and the sound you hear. The reproduction is detailed ; background noise is clear and well placed.

The only drawback as such is that every time you switch it on you have to connect the Bluetooth, but that is straightforward and easy. Aside from that, the main issue are the controls – it is not immediately obvious what to press where and how, but mild playing makes this straightforward. App controls need to be downloaded from internet (and thus, a lot of the controls have to come from your phone / tablet / other fancy thing). I'm not sure what else I can, or need to say : it really is a very simple, great sounding device that does exactly what it is meant to with ease and confidence and faithful, warm, expensive sounding reproduction that is the kind of quality I would almost expect to hear in a professional studio.

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