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Friday, September 20, 2013
METALLICA. Through The Never Soundtrack. (Live 2012)

Of course, you don't have to buy this. It is, after all, the tenth live release from the 2008-12 touring cycle : this time a live CD compiled from 8 stops in Vancouver and Edmonton in 2012, which were filmed in 3D as part of – as the Metallihypemachine rolls on endlessly – the 'hotly anticipated' 3D-it's-not-a-concert-it's-not- a-movie-it's-a-concept-movie-thing “Through The Never”, where one of Metallica's road crew holds the McGuffin of Satan and heralds some kind of apocalypse, or something. Honestly, the film – which I'm not reviewing – sounds like a hybrid of the fantasy-sequences of “The Song Remains The Same”, “U2:3D”, and a b-roll horror moofie.

In respect then, this live release is utterly redundant (after “Live At Grimeys” album, “Live In Nimes”, “Live In Mexico”, “The Big Four : Live In Sofia”, “Live In Copenhagen” (to the fanclub), a whole live show in New York for the Rock'N'Roll Hall Of Fame DVD, “Six Feet Down Under Part I” and “Six Feet Down Under Part II” and “Quebec Magnetic” DVD) : sure, it has mostly the same songs in a slightly different order, and a few elements that sound live ; the microphone dropouts on “Ride The Lightning”, the falls-apart-staged-explosion ending of “Enter Sandman” that reprises the bands 1996-97 tour. Sure, I'm positive it looks great to see huge statues fall to the ground, or the fake-fire of “Enter Sandman”, but it is both depressingly predictable in staging, and boring to hear a crowd roar at something you should be seeing. As live recordings go, it's competent : well performed, and immaculately mixed, but utterly predictable, and thus, boring. About the only surprise is that the last track - "Orion" - appears to be a new studio recording of the song. I know I'll end up buying it, but the question is when? It's not something you need to have in your life.

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