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Thursday, May 29, 2014
Rare Love

Life's eternal ballet goes on.

Here I have been suffering with bronchitis for the third time in six months. This is the worst though : temperatures, coughing fits, fever, sweating out the fever, coughing up the sputum, being unable to sit down, or stand up, or breathe deeply, or finish a sentence without fearing I'm going to spend the next 15 minutes in racking pain, my muscles and bones aching from the intense and repeated contractions of the infection. I am utterly bored of it.

Life repeats itself. What has made me sad, and disappointed, with the world recently is that we are still fighting the same battles. My family, and my friends, are facing the same problems I had in the past, unjust behaviour, being bullied, discrimination, prejudicial and disrespectful behaviour, etc. etc., why are we here again? why do human beings feel they can still treat their fellow humans like shit and dirt? why can I not protect my son from the same agonies I had at his age? why are my friends finding themselves subject to an undeclared war from silent assassins? Well... what saddens me is that the human race as a collective entity seems to be repeating itself, not moving forward by a millimetre, and thus, forever circling the same small set of issues?

Well. Life goes on. Until it doesn't. We continue as best we can, making it all up as we go along, no one can see the future. Because if we could, we'd be different people and act differently now.

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