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Monday, November 17, 2014
Wake Me Up When November Ends.

It's been, somewhat shockingly, four months since I posted anything that wasn't about a record, a film, a gig, a book, or anything else. Life is life. Unlike many previous years, there isn't, for a while, a drama. Well, there's the usual one about an estranged brother of mine. He won't explain what he's done, and refuses to engage me in any meaningful conversation about his behaviour. As a result, I have no other information, and he has denied nothing. It makes me sad that we don't talk, and that he seems to place so little value in knowing his brother. It is fair to say that this is now the longest period of determined non communication in our lives. It is up to him to come to me, not the other way round.

In the meantime, as you may have gathered, I went to Brussels. My bag was stolen, which was a first for me. In the end, it's just stuff... but goddamn, it is annoying that this type of thing happens. The photo below was the next day, which considering I had had my bag stolen, and lost clothes, laptop, and a lot of personal effects, as well as a quite upsetting event the previous day, it is surprising I was smiling, but HOLY FUCK I WAS AT THE ATOMIUM WHICH IS AWESOME.

Life is life. Work, travel, music, and friends. I have been to the Isle Of Wight, where my eldest son now lives, a few times. I don't particularly like getting on a boat in the dark, but he seems happy and that is the important thing. I have spent a lot of time working on music - links to follow... Mixcloud Mark Reed .... here you can hear my homemade attempts at remixing old songs I love. I'm currently remixing Underworld's dubnobasswithmyheadman in light of the several hours of new material issued recently. One song to go and the whole album (bar one song) will be done - and that will be three hours of mixes in one month.

Well, it's late and I'm tired. I haven't much else to add. All else is good. You?

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