(Planet Me)
Wednesday, February 11, 2015
If You Could See Me Now

another sunrise,
five thousand days since our love died
and the sun still burns
and the world still turns

its been so long since I saw your face
I don't know who you've been
or where you've seen
and in the life you live now
I'd be out of place
but would I dream?

God, if you saw me now
you'd see the change
happiness is the best revenge
this is now, no longer then
I lived to fight five thousand more days
the battles I've fought and won
since you threw me away

And would I care?
But I don't think much of you anymore
and OK, I've lost my hair
But I'm not keeping score
If you could see me now
the woman I've become
You'd want me back
but I'd rather be alone
than touch you again

If you could see me now
the one you threw away
the bird I became
when I flew free
You'd regret every second
without her by your side
the caterpillar you didn't need
became a butterfly

If you could see me now
you're the person I've outgrown
and the battles I've overcome
You'd want me back -
but no chance.

not all poetry is autobiography

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