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Sunday, May 24, 2015
Dad, Rock.
U2 shirt 12 Jan 2015

Age: 41

Lives in: Kent

Children: Two

Last album purchased: Faith No More, Sol Invictus

Last concert: The Prodigy in London

Do you own toe shoes or Crocs? Hell no. Unless I have some major injury that makes actual, proper grown up shoes medically hazardous, I'll never own Crocs or Toe Shoes.

Excited for Jeff Tweedy’s solo album? About as excited as I am about going to a funeral, so no.

Heard the term "dad rock" before? Yes.

Is it a derogatory term? Yes. See above. But also, being a Dad doesn't mean you have to stop being 'rock'.

But… why? It implies that becoming a Dad involves having part of your personality surgically removed and you turn into a boring, complacent, small minded sonovabitch who only wants comfort music and never, ever, to think about anything challenging ever again. When I was young "Dad Rock" was Yes and Genesis, so no, not a fan of it. Everything I hated, complacent, boring, unquestioning, tedious.

Is it a fair term? Not particularly, it implies a degree of spiritual death I'll never embrace.

Does you listen to dad rock? My music tastes have changed 0% since fatherhood, it is only by virtue of getting older some of these bands have become 'dad rock'.

Has your music changed since becoming a dad in 2005? I have less time to explore new stuff, and the newer acts tend to be, lyrically, disconnected from me. They tend to write about subjects I have explored infinitum in the past and don't add new perspectives on things. Some 'newer' bands do things either sonically or lyrically that matter, be they old or young, and reflect our places in the world and the journey through time.

Does you want to "educate" your children on music? I want them to be aware of music, and history, and not just see music as a sound on the radio or TV, and this seems to be happening, I don't want them to like what I like because I like it - and they don't. My youngest likes Kraftwerk and Underworld, but thinks U2 are boring. He's got a point. If they don't like what I like, reat, they're making their own choices.

Thoughts on the future of dad rock: Every band that is young and hungry now will either grow old and become dad rock, or die.

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