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Monday, October 05, 2015

How did this happen? There's no way anyone would sign this band now, for a brief moment, they aligned with the world that saw a second renassiance of Indie Rock, the glorious summer of 2005, and now Editors, in their second incarnation, come out with their fifth album “In Dream”. Taking a cue from 2009's “In This Light And On This Evening”, this – the first record birthed by the new lineup in its entirety (instead of adapting already written material) – is another wonderful Editors album. Gone is the band with guitars, and now is a band with vision.

With age comes experience... comes another set of songs. And with this, Editors have left behind, so far behind, the band they used to be. Man. I don't even know where to start with these songs. They're just gorgeous. This might be their best album ever, and considering their past few albums always seem like the best ever made, that's no small order. There's bits where Tom Smith repeats a line, a fragment of a line, again and again, and since each line is chosen carefully, each word chosen perfectly, each repetition gives each song a layer, an extra interpretation. The songs are hymns, built on graceful rhythms, on the wonderful, orgasmic power of tension and release, and make me inarticulate.

Life is hard. Life has become much harder as I grow older. The flesh fails. The body was once a taut vehicle, and now it is an ugly bag of mostly water, the hope we once held can be a lie, the world can be cruel – but not even cruel, but even worse, neither cruel nor fair, but unfeeling, like a wave, that cares not for your misery – and when he sings “Life Is A Fear Of Falling Through The Cracks”, I know, I know, but my life is that fear. And these songs, even though some people think they are miserable, they are a comfort, for I don't know, maybe its just me, but then I hope it isn't, I feel sometimes, trapped in a world I don't understand, and don't like, and songs like this make life more bearable, for I am not alone in this world, for it is OK to feel like this, and these songs are the sound of … determination, of strength, of fighting against impossible odds to believe in something more than balance sheets and mere survival, the great things, like love, art, and I might be merely human, flawed, imperfect, beautiful and not quite right, but trying my best to walk the line and not fall off. And this is what this record does to me, a litany of minor chords, a pounding and propelling sense of achievement that as long as there is hope, there is not despair.

Editors have done it again. Another record that gets better with every listen, that will eventually become hugely popular in my life : “In Dream” is an alternate reality, a life where the dreams we have aren't merely the subconscious babbling of our sleeping mind but also the world we come live in, an album made of introspective anthems for optimistic miserabilists the world over : there is beauty and hope in the world, and this record gives me a prescribed dose every time I press “Play”.

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