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Monday, December 12, 2016
THE TWILIGHT SAD : London Wembley Arena 1+3 December 2016

Having been on a eight month tour supporting every show The Cure have played this year, the Twilight Sad have become not just one of my favourite bands since I first heard them a few years ago, but also become seasoned, powerful, efficient ; they have grown into their full potential. Their music is not easy : there's little sunshine in the songs, but a dense, layered, warm and maudlin throb built on pounding rhythms, and heart felt vocals. I know why they don't headline stadiums, because this music is too intimate for stadiums. Their songs aren't hits. There's verses, choruses, but more than that, there's texture. Wild, spinning textures.

Being a band where I don't honestly care for the names of the people in them – and this may sound bizarre, but some bands either get so little press coverage, or I don't have the urge to seek out interviews with them – all that matters is the music itself. On stage at Wembley, the vocalist stretches and contorts within the songs – seemingly carried away, but then there comes a time when the sound does things.

As much as The Twilight Sad have 'hits', they play them. “Last January”, “The Wrong Car”, and “There's A Girl In The Corner” are setlist staples, even if you don't know them. The words themselves may be sometimes unapproachable, but they make sense to me on an abstract level of emotional truth. There's words in here ; and they are stark, and human, and vulnerable. And maybe, those words have to be hidden inside the noise. To print them on the page may be too raw. The words were the first thing I fell for : abstract, but meaningful, coming from a recognisable place anyone whose ever had any feelings would know

Music isn't just about the song itself. It's about the sound. The sound they make sounds like.. comfort. Like a warm, reassuring snow, or the sun on your face. It's difficult to talk about without sounding like an utter arsehat in Pseud's corner. But music does things. It isn't about rhythms. Or dancing. Music is about creating or accessing emotion through noises. It's about connecting. Breaching the gap between people. Using and creating a new language to reach a deeper connection.

The Twilight Sad are on of my favourite bands in the world, and you should find out why.

1 December : Reflection Of The Television, Last January, Drown So I Can Watch, Alphabet, Mapped By What Surrounded Them, It Never Was The Same, There's A Girl, And She Would Darken The Memory

3 December : Reflection Of the Television, Last January, Seven Years of Letters, Don't Move, It Never Was the Same, There's a Girl in the Corner, The Wrong Car, And She Would Darken the Memory

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