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Thursday, January 19, 2017

I despair of politics. Politics has failed us : mankind.

Tomorrow we go from the most dignified President of my lifetime to a sexist, racist, bullying, idiot moron who's up to neck in scandal, 'kompromat', corruption, and nepotism – who got 3 million less votes than the loser. From the best to the worst. (Spare me any comments about Obama's faults – he might have them, but Trump is nothing but faults and will likely endanger the entire survival of humanity in the next four years).

There is no such thing as democracy when the winner gets 5% less votes than the loser. It's not a democracy. It's a fucking dictatorship. And you know it.

Here in the UK, we have the wet lettuce of Corbyn, who is a well meaning but utterly helpless and incapable leader of the opposition. At the time that Britain is divided by Brexit, when we have an unelected Prime Minister hell bent on dragging us out of Europe, despite a plummeting currency, with a razor thin majority from a fraction of the population in an advisory referendum that was only won on a platform of utter lies, Corbyn supports this madness instead of being a capable leader.

The incompetent and corrupt Conservatives – and they are, whether you are a Tory or not - are running rings around him. Corbyn has been handed victory on a plate, and squandered it. He should be making merciless mincemeat of the utter shambles that is Brexit but he isn't.

It seems like an impossible dream to wish for a witty, smart and determined leader. Britain needs someone who will stop this current bunch of multimillionaires dragging Britain back to being a stone age tax haven hell where we don't have human rights, paid holiday, state services, or an NHS but where we do have back street abortionists. Pull up the bridges.

Britain is a drunk man on a Friday night that saw an attractive woman from a distance, rang up his wife, and told her he was getting divorced – and he was keeping the car, the kids, and the house because there's a queue of offers lining up for him. In short, Britain is a deluded idiot. Who needs human rights anyway?

Politics has failed us, the people. Now we fight to keep what our parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents fought so hard to get. There is a war being waged upon us whether we like it or not. The stakes are too high to fail.

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