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Saturday, November 21, 2020
MARK'S NOTCAST Ep 22 : Tangerine Dream "Pilots Of Purple Twilight 1980-1983" box set review

So I guess I'm doing "Unboxing" videos now.. here's an overview of the Tangerine Dream "Pilots Of Purple Twilight" 10 disc box set, reviewing the contents, and the albums Quichotte/Pergamon (not in the set), Tangram, Exit, Thief, The Soldier (soundtrack), White Eagle, Daydream EP, Das M├Ądchen Auf Der Treppe, Logos, Hyperborea, The Keep (soundtrack) and the live at the Dominion set. As well as minor detours into the world of daytime TV, sport, Football, sport, Sportball, game shows, the suspect nature of their 'live' albums, sport, and where to start with a band that made 163 albums.

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