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Sunday, November 22, 2020
MARK'S NOTCAST Ep 23 : Tangerine Dream 1984-1997 The Blue / Melrose / Seattle Years

What happened AFTER Tangerine Dream left Virgin Records in 1983? Well, they recorded the fantastic "Poland" double live album, and then released Firestarter, Flashpoint, Le Parc, Heartbreakers, Green Desert, Legend, Underwater Sunlight, the appalling Tyger, Near Dark, Shy People, Livemiles, Optical Race, Miracle Mile, Lily On The Beach, Destination Berlin, Melrose, the very bad indeed Rockoon, 220 Volt Live, Turn Of The Tides... and then I stopped buying everything they released... with just Oasis, Tournado, and Tang-go afterwards. The departure of Johannes Schmoelling in 1985, and then Christoph Franke in 1987 reduced the bands greatness, with the addition of Linda Spa on saxophone in 1990, and Zlatko Perica in 1992 on widdly woo guitar were the final nails in the coffin. Here I talk through the post Virgin years catalogue, until I finally gave up in 1997 with their nonsense!

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