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Wednesday, November 25, 2020
MARK'S NOTCAST Ep 24 : Suede, The Debut Album. 25 November 2020.

In which I discuss the Suede debut album, and the early era of the band 1992-1993, the singles "The Drowners", "Metal Mickey", "Animal Nitrate", "So Young", the "My Insatiable One" flexidisc, the album itself, bootlegs, early demos, live shows, silver and brown and gold vinyl reissues, the 2011 2CD+DVD and 2018 4CD+DVD reissues, and some of the rare stuff that I'd've liked to have seen on them! I also talk haircuts [yes, I had hair once] , cider, cheap jeans, cheap haircuts, bad trainers, bus fares of the early 90's, heartache and heartbreak, how I learnt to cook, Brett's two books about his life in the band, the official biography (2003 and 2013 editions), and how my cats fight - pathetically, mostly, to be honest. I also get the date wrong, as I think I'm living two days in the future!

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