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Thursday, December 17, 2020
MARK'S NOTCAST Ep 29 : U2's "War"/"Under A Blood Red Sky" 17 December 2020

Today on NOTCAST 29, I talk about U2's 1983 period, particularly "War" and "Under A Blood Red Sky", the singles "New Years Day" / "Two Hearts Beat As One" / "Sunday Bloody Sunday", NO MORE!, late night TV, concerts, the two officially released U2 records I don't have [can you guess what they are?], the vital importance of pointing out Any Factual Errors On The Internet, lyrics, I SAID NO MORE!, the bands touring, did God write the lyrics for "40"? ... and if so, would he sue Bono? ..... Red Rocks, how live shows were adverts for the album but now the album is the advert for the live show, What Would Have Happened If The Record Had Flopped, if Adam would have become a dot-com millionaire, and well, anything else I think of!

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