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Sunday, January 03, 2021
MARK NOTCAST Ep 39 : U2's "Best Of 1980-1990" and those dodgy bootleg LPs. 03 Jan 2021.

Episode 39 : It's a New Year now, and technically a new decade, so we're in the Roaring Twenties (or something), and what better way to start it by talking about U2's "Best Of 1980-1990" that marked the bands first decade on the high seas of rock'n'roll? (I'm sure there are many better ideas, but this is the best one I had). Today I talk through The Best Of 80-90, the singles that are - and aren't - on it, the limited edition B-sides CD, "The Sweetest Thing" single, the promo "Night And Day" release, the 1991 bootleg demos albums (in 4 x LP and 3 x CD form), and the circumstances that lead to the release of "The Best Of 1980-1990". Also, all hits albums should be in chronological order of release and that is a Hill I Will Die On.

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