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Saturday, February 06, 2021
MARK'S NOTCAST Ep 54 : New Order's "Power, Corruption And Lies" and 1982-83. 06 February 2021.

Mark's Notcast Ep 54 : Today I talk about New Order's 1983 album "Power, Corruption and Lies", the 1983, 2008, and 2020 releases of the album, the box set, the singles "Blue Monday", "Confusion", "Thieves Like Us" and "Murder", bootlegs of Perth and Manchester, live shows from Hacienda and Kilkenny, the 'Play At Home' documentary, the 1982 Peel Session, sleeve artwork, and I manage to get interrupted three times (firstly, finding a quote from a book... secondly a wonky inner sleeve... thirdly, a Knock At The Door!), as well as mocking Reaction videos. Maybe I'm not watching the right ones? 06 Feb 2021.

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